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Located in the heart of the Medina of Fez, in an Andalusian district, the Dar El Ghalia guest house is a historic and prestigious address for your stay in Fez. Belonging to a family from the city of Fez, this prestigious 18th century palace reveals its decorations and architecture

The soul of the former occupants is still present through the 12 rooms and suites overlooking the central patio. Each of them bears the name of the women of the family who resided in the residence between the year 1920 and 1950.

The rooms are harmoniously structured around the central patio, a real living space where families and their guests met during religious festivals and festive events.

Faithful to its culinary tradition, this ancient palace houses a renowned restaurant and offers a refined table d'hôtes which will introduce you to true Fassi cuisine, the most famous in Morocco.

From the terrace, enjoy the view of the medina (old town) and its sunset.

You will hear the muezzins' calls to prayer ring out from all sides.

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